dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

6+1 Intromovie

During my internship at 6+1, they asked me and my colleague to make a little intro-movie for the agency. This is what we came up with.
There's nothing wrong with a little absurdity!

All of the chracters were drawn in Illustrator and meticulously cut out. We had a lot of fun animating. It had to be animated blind, so my respect fot the early animators has grown even more!
Either way I'm really happy with the result

Brussels Airlines

Character design and backgrounds for an animation for Brussels Airlines. Sadly it dind't get finished when I ended my internship. Hope they make something good out of it!

I really enjoyed drawing the animals an backgrounds!
Here they are!

La Gourmande

My bachelorfilm!
Finished it a while a go and finally got myself to uploading it.
A long story short, more or less 5 months of work. The characters move rather harsh. I did it on purpose to save time and to blend more with the afx animation.

The story itself is about greed. Wanting to much, untill the very end.
Ofcourse, you're invited in seeing all sorts of messages in it, as long you are enjoying it!