vrijdag 23 september 2011

Motion Graphic Volontaires

So here's another project of 6+1. The volontiers in Brussels get in the picture. Some crazy superman-dressed-offocial ran around in a cabinet in Brussels. Quite funny! Here's the link


Either way, 6+1 asked me to make a quick intro/motion graphic and spend as less time needed on it. The result is simple but nice. Logo was made by on of the graphic artists. I broke it down and made ist look 3D-ish.

Booster Woningfonds/Fonds du Logement

I' m doing an internship at 6+1. An advertising agency in brussels. They're still small but the winds are blowing in a very good way, which makes the atmospere even nicer! .

Since they're still small, interns like me get more responsibility in campaigns. The folowing campaign was thought up by one of the creatives after a hard meeting with the client. He had no idea how the animation should look like. All he said was not to comicy and with a 'booster' feeling.
Animation department was got an open door and this is what we came up with. Eventually the site and poster got to look the same. Hooray!
Here it is!

Oh, and here's the link to the site: