donderdag 26 april 2012

Well of the Moon

Here are some screenshots from a  project that's been keeping me up for two weeks.
3 weeks ago me and my girl were asked to make 'something' to accompany a musical fairytale-performance in Leuven. The fairytale is called 'Well of the Moon' and was to brought by Maarten Schuurmans. During the pauzes in the storytelling, an orchestra plays musical themes (written along with the fairytale). Very cool, but kinda boring for a 4 year old kid.
Long story short, me and my girlfriend decided to go for a Lotte Reiniger inspired live animation, played during the music. We struggeld through 2 heavy weeks of late night working with cutting and exercising a routine.
The play was done on 2 glass plates, this way we could suggest depth and had more freedom in animating/playing. For the light we used my old lightbox (for once the blinding light was useful).
We learned a lot about live streaming to beamers and videocables and, had a great result!
Everything was worth the effort!

We don't have live footage yet, but were going redo some scenes and record them this time to give you the main idea.