zondag 31 juli 2011

Dead High Wire

A friend of mine plays in a band, Dead High Wire. Very Nice! Check it out! Come to there showes and make them happy!
Here's their myspace link.

Beside all that he asked me to make a logo/cover for them and this is what I made for now. On or two things might change but overall I'm pleased with the result!


This one has been lying around for some time. Finished it just now. It's a gift for some friends who got themselves a nice flat. Hope they'll like it!
I drew the city with a POSCA 'permanent' marker on the glas and painted the siluetes on paper. Then I highlighted some of the buildings on the paper for some more depth. It's very cool when there's some light coming through, dropping a shadow on the paper!
Sorry for the pictures, my camera broke down and the glas gives one hell of a reflectioness mess!