vrijdag 19 juni 2009


Out of the sketchbook

If I can't go to Peru...

CD cover Bluetrain

A CD coverdsign for a bluesband called Bluetrain. Follow this link for some audio. www.myspace.com/bluetrainforeveryone


Lil' Red Ripping Hood



Another schoolassignment. We had to chose an exclusive brand and make an agenda for it. I choose Bang and Olufsen. Since the company had a rich history, I decided to connect some of their products with important facts throughout the 20th century. Here are some of the results.

Early work


These designs were made for the '0110 festival' in Antwerp(2007). Our school was asked to make some designs for postcards, which would be attached to balloons and make it into some 'lucky-finder-get's-a-crappy-prize' thing.
Fine by me.
I made these designs with two other students. We got selected but were withdrawn because teachers thought the text could lead to some misunderstandings. So eventually all the 'edgy' stuff got rejected.
Sad. Where's tollerance when you need it.